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WTF!? Is Up With Flea Medications, Are Any Safe To Use?

Pesticides on your produce? Arsenic in your apples? BPA all up in your bottles? Never even heard of Phthalates? No worries! Casey is my name and toxins are my game. If you have questions about toxins - I probably have an answer or know someone who does. I’m from Southern California and did the college thing, traveled the world, then came home and founded and managed an environmental website for five years from a converted garage. The travel bug soon bit again and I found myself in Argentina with some friends of Keep A Breast building greenhouses from discarded plastic bottles. Those friends became family so I came home and joined KAB as the Program Director for the Non Toxic Revolution where I now help people learn about reasons why and how to avoid toxins to lower their risk for cancer. I get excited reading toxicology studies which means you don’t have to. Go ahead and give me a try; I’m like a magic 8-ball minus the vigorous shaking!

QUESTION: WTF!? is up with flea medications, are any safe to use?

Strangely curious about how flea medicaitons works? You've pretty much got two options - first there are the topical kinds - these are strangely locked behind the counter at the pet store. The chemicals in these meds interfere with the transmission of nerve signals in the fleas causing paralysis and starvation. Sure, they're just fleas, but that's not cool, and just think of the prolonged exposure you're giving to our animal over years of usage. An alternative is called diatomaceous earth (DE) and is the old broken shells of hard-shelled algae. You can purchase DE at any hardware store like Home Depot or even WalMart. think of DE like a super efficient algae-ninja that cuts the outer shell of any fleas that tries to pass by it, dehydrating and killing them - HIYAAA!! The first is a toxic chemical, the second is harmless and can be ingested by pets, humans and even sprinkled onto furniture or a pet bed directly; just sweep, or vacuum it up later. There are thousands of toxic poisonings that occur annually from chemical flea medications. There's even studies that show the long-term effects for children exposed to these products at an early age including diseases and even later-in-life cancer. Solution: Should be obvious - diatomaceous earth is the better flea medication alternative. Don't forget you can ask me your pending WTF!? questions on Twitter. Just click the button below! - Casey



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  1. How will I know if there are problems with the medications? How I can get information about this pro

  2. John Yoepp says:

    You need to use food grade DE. Some DE is for other purposes (eg, swimming pools) and is toxic.

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