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What to Eat Wednesday (When You’re Gluten Intolerant): It’s A Wrap!

My name is Kelly and I am a 28 year-old cat enthusiast with an imaginary metal band and mild obsession with books about wizards and punk rock. I started at Keep A Breast in September of last year as Executive Assistant to the CEO. A year ago when my doctor told me I was gluten intolerant, my immediate response was to eat an entire baguette followed by a bowl of ramen noodles. I discovered I was allergic to dairy when I was about 14 and after having to give up cheese I vowed that I would never eliminate my next favorite thing in the food world, gluten. After much stomach and sinus discomfort that I found was linked to my gluten intake, I very reluctantly decided to give gluten free a test drive. After many mistakes, and really gross food, I have come out the other side with some great tips that I will be sharing with you on What to Eat Wednesday (When you're Gluten Intolerant). This week’s installation is It’s a wrap!

What to Eat Wednesday (When You're Gluten Intolerant) It’s a wrap!

So we have gone through the basics, how Quinoa has saved my life, and how you don’t really have to give up pasta – but lets talk about a must have: Gluten free tortillas are a must. Corn tortillas are usually ok as well, just make sure you read the ingredients because sometimes gluten products are added for whatever reason. Since toast and sandwiches used to be a staple in my diet, I had to find other means of breakfast and lunch. While gluten free tortillas are not nearly as pliable as flour tortillas, they work great for wraps, which I now eat for breakfast on a regular basis. They do break easier, but as long as you are armed with a fork I assure you it will still taste good. The brand that’s easiest to find is Food For Life Whole Grain Brown Rice Tortilla. I recommend first heating the tortilla up a little on a burner or in a pan.  You can get pretty creative with your wraps, but I’ll give a few examples of my faves.

Breaky Wrap:

1 brown rice tortilla 2 egg whites (or 1 entire egg) 1 hash brown patty (I use the pre-made one’s from Trader Joe’s) Chopped onion and avocado Daiya cheese alternative (you can use the real thing obviously) LOTS OF HOT SAUCE and a dash of salt & pepper

Chicken Wrap:

1 brown rice tortilla Chopped chicken breast (I usually use left overs to avoid processed lunch meats) Chopped lettuce, onion, tomato, and kalamata olive A little bit of your favorite dressing (I use homemade vinaigrette usually) Pinch of sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Quinoa & Veggie Wrap:

1 brown rice tortilla Big scoop of quinoa (from my weekly batch) Chopped onion, avocado, cucumber, heirloom tomato, and kalamata olive Daiya cheese alternative (once again, you can use real cheese instead of course) A spoonful of hummus ( I LOVE Trader Joe’s Mediterranean hummus) A dash of salt and pepper (For this one I typically heat up the quinoa with the cheese on the tortilla then add the rest of the ingredients with a bunch of hot sauce, duh) So every time I hear someone say they could never go gluten free they always mention their love for pasta. Again, regardless of what the latest trends are, gluten can certainly be integrated into your diet in a healthy way (white flour isn’t the devil), the key is not to over do things and to limit processed foods while maximizing foods that are rich in nutrients. Try and replace one of your pasta meals this week with a gluten free version, and tell me your experiences!! I know that cooking these doesn’t always end pretty – I want to hear from you! The Good Bad and The Ugly! Comment Below!!



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