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Sign the Petition to Label GMOs!

If you have been shopping close to a Whole Foods or other healthy grocer lately, chances are someone has approached you with a petition about labeling genetically modified foods in the grocery store for consumers. Maybe you thought to yourself, “Yeah, I think I might be able to get behind that…”.  And it turns out that you aren’t alone. 92% of Americans want the FDA to label GMOs and over one million Americans have already signed a petition telling the FDA that they have a right to know what is in their food! But the fight is far from over! Legislators need to know that people do care about this issue. Watch the video from Food Inc. film maker, Robert Kenner, below to find out why we should care, and then go to Just Label It and sign the petition!



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  1. Splib says:

    the only way the govt will do this more effectively will be after we remove the money from the world. Until we stop using money we will always have a wall that prevents the “common sense right things to do” from happening.

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