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March Non Toxic News Update: The DARK Act is Defeated, Campbells Removes BPA Lining, and More!

dark act We can't believe March is over already! But, we are stoked for all the non toxic progress that was made this month in the food, health and environmental sectors. Here are some of the highlights of this months triumphs, pledges and progress. Excuse us while we celebrate... brad-pitt-gif

Campbell's Makes Good on Their BPA Promise

In 2012, Campbells made a promise to phase out all BPA in their cans, but never revealed the timeline of the phase out. Finally they have officially announced that all BPA will be removed from their products by mid-2017. Woohoo! The company explained that the gap in action was due to the testing of hundreds of alternatives to make sure they are safe and don't react with certain acidic ingredients over time. About 75% of products will be BPA free by December 2016, with the rest being drink caps and V8 beverages to switch in 2017. Campbells has also committed to GMO labeling regardless of whether the government requires it. We are ecstatic that companies like this are listening to consumers and changing for the non toxic better.

General Mills To Begin Labeling GMOs

General Mills announced that they would voluntarily start labeling products containing GMOs after Vermont's mandatory labeling law. This includes GM products, Nature Valley, Progresso Soups and many more. Hopefully this momentum can help push a federal mandate and encourage more companies to disclose what's in our food.

The DARK Act is Defeated in the Senate

On March 16, the Senate voted on the DARK Act, or Deny Americans the Right to Know Act, and actually listened to consumers. We want to know what's in our food and make the choice about what we consume. This is a huge win for consumers and progress in the right direction. The jury is still out on if GMO's are non toxic or not, but we always should have the right to choose whether we want to consume GMO food.

New Documentary, STINK!, Reveals Dark Secrets of the Chemical Industry

Fragrance continues to be the loop hole for companies to sneak toxic ingredients into their products. How? They include them in a "proprietary blend" that allows them to not disclose exact ingredients. This new documentary dives into the corporate and political obstacles that present themselves in the fight for safe and non toxic products. This film goes up against the notion that it's ok for the chemical industry to choose what chemicals we are exposed to and what needs to be done to fix it.

India Pledges To Go 100% EV by 2030

India is making an aggressive push against dirty fossil fuels by proposing zero down payment programs to citizens, making electric vehicles much more affordable. They hope to set an example for world governments by proactively finding a solution to the greenhouse gas emissions problem without putting financial stress on their citizens. Coal-fired plants in India are becoming a large source of pollution and this is good in theory, but skeptics wonder if this will put too much pressure on the power industry. Although the logistics are unclear, we are excited that India is taking such an aggressive stance on making non toxic change.

Almond Farmers Experiment With Trees That Don't Need Bees

As bees become increasingly endangered, farmers are looking for ways to take the burden off of them and give them time to flourish. These trees pollinate themselves, which is great for farmers and bees, but the beekeepers take a hit financially. Farmers are seeing great results from these independent pollinating trees and time will tell if they help the climb of bee population.

Ikea Launches Indoor Garden That Grows Food All Year

Ikea has been dedicating more of it's time to sustainability initiatives, which is amazing from such an influential brand, and now they are starting to deliver. Ikea launched their indoor hydroponic garden which allows people to easily grow produce in their homes all year long! Non toxic produce is a huge health boost and growing your own lowers your exposure to harmful pesticides.  



Monica Schrock is a passionate non-toxic lifer and has her own non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free skin care company, Bare Bones Body Care. You will most likely catch her drinking coffee, playing basketball, reading comics or laughing uncontrollably.
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