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Earth Week: The Clear Answer

At Keep A Breast and Non Toxic Revolution, April 22nd is a big deal. In fact, we take the day off. Why?… Because its Earth Day! We try to take that time to do something good for others or ourselves, and make our planet a better place.  In that spirit, every day this week for Earth Week, we will provide you with different project and tip ideas so that you can join the Revolution and be your own eco super hero! Today’s element is… WATER! One of the last places you would suspect harmful chemicals to be coming from is probably the water coming out of your faucet. Toxins in our food and water supply are a direct reflection of what we are putting into the earth, so it is definitely important to know that your water is safe. We have already released a blog about how to check your water and why it is important, but we thought we would rerelease it in honor of Earth Day! Enjoy!

The Clear Answer

Don’t drink the water. Growing up in Southern California this phrase is something that everyone is familiar with and always referred to traveling to Mexico. These days, the warnings about traveling to Mexico still exist and talk about dangers lurking in your water glass have moved north and across the country. So what can you do to protect your body from nasty water? The scarcity of water is something that will continue to come up in conversation time and time again. I live in Los Angeles and our water comes from Colorado. That water comes from snowpack, which may flow through fields, and streets. Water can carry varied illnesses and diseases as well as pesticides into your home, school, or workplace. The only way to know is to test your water yourself, you can start with government agency test results, but you want to know for sure – right? Right. I didn’t know and there’s no way to tell without proper testing. You can check out EWG’s water testing resource or buy a kit online for about $20. Specifically I tested for Atrazine, because personally, if a chemical is legally banned from the manufactures home country – I want to know if my water is scarred too. The test was super easy, took only 15 minutes, and now I know my water is 100% free from Atrazine. Hooray no pesticides! Atrazine is still toxic and affects watersheds, rivers, and streams in the heartland of crop-growing America. Perhaps someone there can test their water and send the results back to us? - Casey Tune in every day this week before Earth Day for more ways on how to become an eco super hero! If we let our powers combine… we can save this PLANET!



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