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Earth Week: Keeping Toxins Out of Our Soil

At Keep A Breast and Non Toxic Revolution, April 22nd is a big deal. In fact, we take the day off. Why?... Because its Earth Day! We try to take that time to do something good for others or ourselves, and make our planet a better place.  In that spirit, every day this week for Earth Week, we will provide you with different project and tip ideas so that you can join the Revolution and be your own eco super hero! Today’s element is… EARTH!

Keeping Toxins Out of Our Soil

You always hear people say to “buy organic”, but the average person probably doesn’t know why that might be so important to them. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers can be very harmful to your body when ingested. In fact, pesticides and residential pesticides are associated with an increase in risk for breast cancer. Many pesticides and herbicides have been labeled as human or animal carcinogens. And the run off from the soil can find its way everywhere from our water supply, to samples of air and dust from homes. A great project this Earth Day might be to plant your own organic garden to grow your own produce. Or, you could even just help out your community and plant some greenery around! The goals being to get out there, plant some plants, and do it in a way to help reduce the amount of chemicals being sprayed around on a regular basis. We provided these instructions to make your own compost pile at home in one of our DIY sections if you are trying to limit your exposure to dangerous pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  For directions on how to make your own non toxic pesticide sprays and more DIY projects, click HERE!

Compost Pile

- Recycle or buy a plastic pail/bin with a tight fitting lid about 24 inches tall or taller. - Drill 8 to 10 small holes in the bottom and sides of your container for aeration purposes. - Place some shredded newspaper or dry leaves on the bottom of your compost bin, about 1/4 full. - Place dirt from your garden on top of the newspaper, until your compost is 1/2 full. - Put your compost bin in a shady area away from your home in the back yard. - Put any food scraps or paper products into the compost such as fruit, vegetables, egg shells, paper towels, etc. - Mix your compost making sure to cover your food scraps with dirt. - Spray with lukewarm water until moist, but not soaking wet. - Drill 8 to 10 small holes on bin lid. - Place the lid on the compost - Every other day you add food scraps to bin you should mix the compost. - Wait 2 - 3 months to use your compost. - Save at least 1/3 of your original compost and start all over again. Tune in every day this week before Earth Day for more ways on how to become an eco super hero! If we let our powers combine… we can save this PLANET!



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