Keep A Breast Foundation - Non Toxic Revolution

Play a little game next time you are at the grocery store and do some "people watching". Admit it - you probably do it anyways. Next time you are at a store, take a mental note of what is in someone's cart. There's almost always a story inside a person's cart. If we really are what we eat-then our shopping carts are like a portal into our inner psyche. Is the cart full of fresh produce, organic foods, healthy grains and little to no meat? Or is the cart full of over processed foods, meats pumped with antibiotics and little to no fresh fruits or vegetables? Obviously, we can guess who is healthier. The fact is simple. What you put into your mouth is probably the best way to prevent cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, 30-40 percent of cancers are related to dietary choices. (ASC, 1997) The good news is, what you put in your mouth is entirely up to you. We are bombarded with chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients that make their way into our food supply. While you may not notice an immediate reaction to what you are eating, chances are that all of these plastics, petroleum and mutilated food substances are causing damage to your body right now. The damage can be irreversible. Your liver is a human cleansing machine but if you overload it with junk it backfires and these toxins leak into your cells. Some toxins are so harsh that they go right for your DNA, bypassing your liver altogether. In the following pages we will provide you with information on: what to do, how to eat smart, what ingredients and chemicals to avoid, how to grow your own garden and provide a recipe to make your own garden spray. Start at home. Eat at home as much as possible. Eating at home is the best possible way to know what goes into your food. Learn how to cook and prepare food that doesn't come in a package. Try to do your best to buy organic produce and organically fed and free range animal products. A popular rule of thumb is that the fewer ingredients there are in something, the better it is for you. A carrot has one ingredient - carrot. A twinkie has 37 ingredients, most of which are chemical compounds. Which would you rather have in your cart? Affordable, nutritious food should not be a luxury, look into options in your community. Many farmers markets now accept food stamps to ensure that everyone has access to fresh local food. However spending a little extra now on better products will save you thousands of dollars later if you get sick.Over 63% of all households in the US have pets.  Only second to accidents, cancer is the leading killer of pets. When a product or chemical gets banned for human consumption many times it ends up in pet food and products. Is it a coincidence that so many of our dogs end up with tumors and why it seems like everyone has a friend whose cat had hyperthyroidism? Just as miners would send a canary down the mineshaft to test air quality our hyper-sensitive pets are serving as guards for our own health, as they breathe in, ingest or absorb the same chemicals that are in our environments. Dogs show higher rates than humans of several forms of cancer including skin cancer, bone cancer, breast tumors and leukemia, and hyperthyroidism is a leading cause of illness in older cats. "Average levels of many chemicals were substantially higher in pets than is typical for people, with 2.4 times higher levels of stain- and grease-proof coatings (perfluorochemicals) in dogs, 23 times more fire retardants (PBDEs) in cats, and more than 5 times the amounts of mercury, compared to average levels in people found in national studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and EWG." If you are like the Keep A Breast family than you probably treat your pet as if they were a member of your own family. It's safe to say that you wouldn't feed your family or yourself low-grade food with unknown ingredients or surround yourself with dishes, , toys, and products made from toxic materials; unfortunately many pet owners unknowingly let their furry and feathery loved ones do just that. And lets face it, that soggy dog toy has probably been in your hand more than you think, and those pesky highly-toxic, VOC's can come out of products you give directly to your animal. So don't stop at your Mouth, Body and House... make sure you are providing your pet with a safe non toxic environment as well.