Keep A Breast Foundation - Non Toxic Revolution

Somewhere along the progression of civilization and domestic livelihood, Americans became consumed with cleanliness. A sanitary house was thought to be the key to reducing illness and the spread of bacteria. Television helped sell ads about the latest new technology to scrub away the dirt. Today there are hundreds of cleaning supplies on the market. Many contain toxic ingredients that if swallowed could kill you. Warning labels grace so many products that it's easy to not pay attention...thinking I will never drink that, so what does it matter? You are on this website, so obviously you are not so young that you would mistake your bathroom cleaner for a refreshing beverage you are about to chug. So let's just say you avoid ingesting these products, but what about the fumes, referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that they release? Your body is exposed to VOCs over time and they can enter into your body and seep into your DNA, just as wearing a pair of dark jeans will turn your hands and legs blue after extended wear. Once the cells are damaged in this way, they may never recover and, this damage could be linked to cancer and disease. Our body is a great cleansing machine but it has the potential to get clogged up too. Once that happens, chemicals remain in your body and build up in your fat cells where they can hang out for your entire life. Each day we are exposed to chemicals from many sources. Some of these exposures may be small, but multiply them by 365 and you have got yourself an exposure you should be concerned about. Things in your house, including paper products, cleaning supplies, furniture and carpeting can contain cancer-causing chemicals also known as carcinogens. Some of these chemicals are also endocrine disruptors, meaning that they put your internal system out of balance, which has been linked to an increase in breast cancer. In the following pages we will provide you with information to start your own Revolution. The easiest way to start is by using safer cleaning products. You can also reduce your exposure to some of these chemicals just by knowing where they exist. Learn how you can replace products and make a difference with safe non-toxic alternatives by knowing what ingredients to avoid and recipes to make your own household cleaners. Remember, this is a REVOLUTION!