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Wake up! Three Reasons To Buy Organic Coffee.

Happy 2012 to all you Non Toxic Revolution believers! Thanks for your support and helping to spread the love around. This is my first blog of 2012 so what better way to get started than a little swift kick in the butt the natural way - from coffee! Not so fast, the pick-me-up given from caffeine found in coffee isn’t always so natural after-all. Did you know that coffee is the heaviest chemically treated food commodity in the world? Fertilizers made from petroleum (yea nasty, black oil) destroy the soil and also seep into water supply, poisons animals, and yes, causes cancer. Awake now? Coffee in moderation can be a good thing. It’s full of antioxidants, possibly a cancer-preventative, and could decrease - I mean look how happy that boy on the bag is, totally happy! It certainly boosts energy and if you can avoid the calorie heavy sugar and cream it’s better for you than every energy drink on the market. Reason #1: No Chemicals. This past weekend I hung out with my friend who roasts the 100% certified organic coffee for Alta Coffee in Newport Beach, CA. He taught and showed me that with true certified organic coffee the only thing in a finished cup is water and coffee. With non-organic a lot more goes into the beans and finished product - namely chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, and no love whatsoever. At the roasting room, every batch of raw beans is roasted, weighed, and accounted for. At the source inspectors test the soil, leaf, and beans for chemical residue and regularly inspect the facilities. Reason #2: Save the Rainforest. Did you know that coffee trees do not grow naturally in direct sunlight (known as Shade Coffee) but under the dense shady canopy of the rainforest? However, to increase production sun-resistant coffee trees (known as Sun Coffee) have been engineered which has in turn resulted in the deforestation of thousands of millions of acres of rainforest - 200,000 acres a day in fact. That's a daily loss of life for animals such as birds like the toucan, tigers, frogs, tamarins, and snakes. Reason # 3: It Just Tastes Better. It’s as easy as that really - it truly does taste better. Imagine looking into your next mug of coffee and knowing there's no chemicals, no pesticides, no toxic petroleum - just pure coffee. Keep in mind that caffeine might be addictive and is known to change the bodies' chemistry so be careful and moderate yourself. ~Casey Cochran / NTR Program Director



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