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The 6 Things I Learned About Non-Toxic Deodorant On Vans Warped Tour

brie NTR deodorant Vans Warped Tour is filled with summer heat, tank tops, freshly dyed hair, and, of course, sweat.  As the Traveling Education lead for Non Toxic Revolution on Vans Warped Tour this summer, I saw teens toting their own supply of deodorant like it was a precious treasure. Staying hygienic and fresh is important to all of us, yet many of the ingredients in conventional deodorant brands, such as Parabens, Phthalates, and BHT, are linked to organ system toxicity and cancer.  So I zigzagged across the country this summer, educating Warped goers about how natural deodorant can Open This Pit Up and help reduce your cancer risk.  Here’s what we learned together!

Sweating is good for you

Warped Tour is synonymous with sweat, music, moshing …and more sweat.  Rather than reducing this bodily function to a preconceived embarrassing stigma, let’s embrace the relief!  Believe me, I sweat a lot on Warped Tour, but I had natural deodorant with nice smelling essential oils to keep me fresh as a daisy. Non-Toxic Deodorants with rad ingredients like arrowroot powder, cornstarch and baking soda help reduce wetness and absorb moisture while allowing your body to do it’s own toxin relieving job. Aluminum in my deodorant? Heck no. Aluminum based deodorants prevent your bodies natural defense against overheating and toxin removal— So embrace cooling, natural sweat and open this pit up! DeodorantCh_CheckMini_TOXINS

Deodorant is like dating

You may have to kiss a few frogs before you find the one.  Every body is different.  In our traveling “trophy case” of natural deodorants on Vans Warped Tour, I received equal love and hate for the same brands. A certain brand may work for your best friend and yet do nothing for you. Be patient until you find the one. Pay attention to ingredients: if odor is a concern, make sure your choice contains odor neutralizing baking soda.  If you have sensitive skin, baking soda may not be the choice for you.

“But what if I stink? Does it work?”

This is obviously a concern for many of you…but… Prepare to have your mind blown: When making the initial switch to a non-toxic deodorant, your body is actively cleansing itself from all of the unwanted chemicals, bacteria, viruses trapped in there.  I call this PURGING THE PIT. This “special sweat” can smell extra gross for 1-4 weeks. (In my personal experience, the purge only took 1 week.). The lack of aluminum allows your body to do it’s toxin relieving job. Rather than being bummed about being a little extra stinky during the transition, know that you are on a brief detox period.  I’ve now been using Bare Bones Body deodorant (use discount code openthispitup for 15% off) for a year and a half and smell lovely, thank-you-very-much. DeodorantCh_CheckMini2_GOOD

Non-Toxic does not mean “expensive”

A common misconception about any product containing organic or all natural ingredients is that it must be expensive-- a privilege only afforded by Hollywood starlets and people wearing $300 yoga pants. However, many brands have comparable prices to common conventional brands.  On Warped Tour, our tour bus made semi-frequent stops at shopping centers across the country, where I commonly saw brands like Toms, Kiss My Face, Alba and Burts Bees for about $3-$6.  City dwellers can find Schmidts Deodorant at Urban Outfitters for approximately $10. If your region is lacking these brands, ordering online is easier than ever-- Bare Bones Body has adorable packaging and is only $8 online.

Breast Cancer Prevention… Becoming friends with your pits!

What I learned in working side by side with the Keep A Breast tent this summer is that, 41% of breast cancer is found in the arm pit area… This is the highest percentage in the whole breast. And 90% of those cases are environmental, not genetic. That means that it’s caused by things like diet, exercise, pollution, radiation and yes, deodorant. Although that number can at first seem frightening, Non Toxic Revolution is here to make it empowering. Awareness is the first step to action—Your arm pits are awaiting your TLC.  Men and women should check themselves for lumps or anything irregular at least once a month.  Using a “pit paste” style deodorant that you have to apply with your hands is a cool way to get intimate with your arm pits, and check yourself daily while staying fresh.

“My Mom Uses That!”

I heard this quote daily at the Non-Toxic Revolution Booth this summer. You all have some pretty rad moms out there. Although she may have a different opinion about your bedtime, your style or your obsession with the band Sleeping With Sirens, she’s totally right about using natural deodorant.  You’re never too young to start caring about your body and the environment. Using natural, non-toxic and organic products is a really simple way to reduce your cancer risk, and to vote with your dollar. Supporting brands that care about our long-term health and the earth speaks volumes to other companies who ideally will get on board. So hug your mom and have a bonding moment while you both apply some non-toxic deodorant. Open this pit up Neck Deep deodorant To everyone I met this summer, thank you for your humor, openness, curiosity and smiles.  I’m so proud of everyone who took the plunge this summer and added this easy, healthy habit into their daily routine. Warped Tour is an amazing community of young people (and young at heart!) who can take ideas and turn them into action. So spread the word, share what you’ve learned, and together we can Open This Pit Up and ignite the Non-Toxic Revolution.



Brianne McKay
Brianne "Brie" McKay is an enthusiastic lover of life, who is fueled by creativity, joy and adventure. She is a firm believer in the power of wellness and that learning should be fun. She loves writing, painting, nontoxic beauty, live music, vegan noms, nature and travel.
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