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Say No To Dry Skin: 3 Natural Winter Skin Fixes

Say No To Dry Skin: Top 3 Natural Winter Skin Fixes | The Keep A Breast Foundation | Non Toxic Revolution Forget winter blues…I want to talk about the winter white, flakey, and ashy. From the cold temperatures, long hours inside dry indoor heat, and those hot showers (that actually strip our skin of moisture) our skin has taken a beating this winter. There are so many products out there that claim to be your skin’s best friend; this season we have compiled a list of the top three natural or non-toxic things you can do to keep your skin moisturized and looking its best. Check out these tips to moisturize without slathering harmful chemicals all over yourself that can leave your skin more dehydrated than before, not to mention heighten your risk for cancer. Opt for creams or oils: Skip the lotions full of perfumes and parabens. Once out of a shower, slather on a food grade oil to lock in moisture that can quickly be lost as your skin begins to dry. Need a quick pick me up during the day? Try a cream that actually locks in the moisture and creates a barrier for your skin to retain moisture. Lotions are normally water based and can actually dry your skin as the water evaporates and takes your skin’s natural moisture with it. Plus many lotions contain harmful chemicals such as parabens; and high levels of parabens have been detected in breast tumors with one UK-based study finding high concentrations of parabens in eighteen out of twenty samples of breast tumors. Since we are looking for moisture not tumors, skip the lotions all together this winter. My winter fave is S.W. Basics Cream and Body Oil. Packaged super cute in glass bottles with only three ingredients. Even more, their products are made from scratch with organic and Fair Trade or small-farm sources. Drinking water might not help but eating right will. At first it seems like drinking more water is a no brainer winter tip but sadly drinking eight glasses of water a day has been a debunked myth in terms of healing dry skin. Frequent trips to the water cooler might keep you up to date on the latest office gossip but won’t make your skin more hydrated. However we are not saying to not drink water – it is essential for your bodies’ health and keeping your internal body parts functioning. Instead eat your way to hydrated skin with foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. By eating right your skin cells become plump and water filled. Not usually something I want to say when I talk about my body, however a skin cell’s ability to hold water allows it to keep the good things like water and nutrients in and toxins out. Bonus...Omega-3’s also help with cellulite, acne, and depression. My winter fave way to get omega 3’s are walnuts or flax seeds. I always pack flax seed packets by Carrington Farms in my purse. Super easy single serving packets are GMO-free as wellas organic and are a great way to get the nutrition when salmon or sardines aren’t a option. Just sprinkle on your smoothie, yogurt or add to sautéed veggies. Not into any of these? New studies show omega-3 fish oil pills may soothe super dry skin. Multitask while you Sleep!! We are already helping our skin out while we sleep as the body naturally regenerates itself and cell turnover is at it’s highest. Give your skin (and your sinuses) an extra boost by investing in a humidifier to create more moisture in the air. Lastly, slather on a thick long lasting lipbalm before hitting the hay. Choose one with vitamin E, soothing shea butter and a good oil like jojoba oil. My winter fave is eos lipbalm sphere; it keeps your lips moist, while being 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Do you have any fave tips to battle winter skin? Comment below and let us know!



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