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What more can we say other than –PLASTIC SUCKS! It is virtually unavoidable and is laced with toxic chemicals that leach into liquids and foods. Once plastic is made, it is here forever, only breaking down into smaller and smaller pits of plastic. That should make you think – my phone case is plastic. This water bottle is plastic. My toothbrush plastic. Why is my fruit in a plastic bag?! Why is everything covered in plastic?!?! Seriously, it gets a little insane. But all is not lost even though plastic is virtually unavoidable and is laced with toxic chemicals that leach into the liquids and foods they contain. Now, we know it’s not easy to avoid plastic altogether but we believe we can help you take the first step! The Non Toxic Revolution wants you to take the Plastic Sucks! pledge stating that you will attempt to reduce your reliance on this dangerous, artificial material. What does that mean? It means we want you to take try your hardest to cut down your plastic consumption. By filling out the form and making the pledge we’ll help you out by sending you tips via email on how to take these toxins out of your daily life! Add a Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile photo to show your support!

What are you waiting for? Sign it now!

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  1. Erika says:

    I am a firmly involed in working to reduce toxic chemicals in the enviroment. I have to say your site upsets me. It put a lot of the responsiblity on the consumer. I don’t like the idea of blaming people for their own cancer. I firmly believe it is the responsiblity of goverment to protect the consumers. It would be a full time job to research product to the extent needed. We should be focusing on striengthing the EPA and Clean air and water acts.

  2. casey says:

    Thank you for your comment – I wanted to address your concerns:
    We put a lot of responsibility with the consumer because the government and its agencies don’t put a whole lot of emphasis or concern on the health of its citizens as a whole. Surely there are safeguard processes and a handful of banned toxins and regulated chemicals but by-and-large they are failing us, our health, and our future. Which leaves the responsibility up to the individual – t0 be educated, to be aware, and to prevent and revolt against cancer and the toxins that cause it.
    I hope you can use our site and the various other outlets to further your own knowledge and stay healthy.
    -NTR / Casey

  3. Alison Cappy says:

    Plastic does suck!

  4. Garnett Smith says:

    How can I get some “Plastic Sucks” buttons to give out to people at my University?

  5. Kyle Craft says:

    That would be awesome Garnett! You can get them in the NTR section of ShopKAB!

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