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Go Plastic-Free With These 20 Simple Everyday Tips To Lower Your Plastic Consumption

20 Simple Everyday Tips To Lower Your Plastic Consumption The day is Earth Day! We’re all going to strive to be the most eco today. Mother Nature needs us. You might wake up and start to get ready for work or school; perhaps you have the day off. Sweet! Lets get this day going: Check your phone, pour a bowl of cereal, toss in some laundry, grab a coffee, pick up a few things from the store, write in your journal, order a to-go salad. Lets stop and think for a moment though: your phone, encased in plastic; cereal, stored in a plastic bag; laundry detergent, poured from a plastic bottle; coffee, with a plastic lid; those bags from the store, plastic as well; plastic pen for writing; delicious and healthy salad with a plastic fork, plastic dressing container, inside a plastic container. So much plastic! Each of us is guilty of the above. Plastic is ubiquitous, virtually inescapable, and toxic (at times) to humans, animals, and the planet on which we live. But all is not lost. Earth Day is about doing our best for the planet and ourselves. And plastic, while toxic in its very nature is also extremely convenient, helpful, and life saving in some cases.  So what can we do? Lets look at the day above: - Your phone, nothing. Unless you change to a plastic-free case that’s about it - The cereal you could buy from the bulk bins at the store, just bring your own canvas bag to put it in - Laundry detergent, try out a brand like Seventh Generation that uses corn-based plastic bottles - Bring a stainless steel insulated bottle for your coffee - When you go to the store bring your own tote bag - Several manufacturers make plastic-free or corn-based plastic pens - Bring your own container for the salad and use reusable chopsticks or a titanium spork - Say “No thanks” to plastic utensils - opt for chopsticks or pack your own - Bring along a reusable tumbler for your next coffee run - A fan of fountain drinks? Well first let’s talk about how those are gross…but leave the lid off - Light candles instead of using air fresheners - Line your trash bins with biodegradable trash bags like Biobag - Bring tote bags to all stores, not just the grocery store - Make sure your dry cleaner uses eco practices and ask your them to leave the plastic garment bag off - Buy boxed laundry detergent and dish soap from reputable companies - Use wooden cutting boards and kitchen utensils - Bring your lunch to work in glass or metal containers instead of plastic containers - Don’t use straws or buy reusable stainless steel or glass straws like SimplyStraws - Forget about the frozen food section. You can avoid the chemicals in their plastic packaging. - Reuse glass jars to store food. Wash out the old and fill up with the new. - Go to a deli to purchase organic, free-range meat and have it wrapped in paper - Drink from Klean Kanteens (like our Plastic Sucks! version) instead of plastic water bottles Earth Day is celebrated around the world by all ages of people and walks of life. With a little planning much of the convenient single-use bits of plastic we consume daily can be avoided. Imagine if this was the norm how much trash and litter could be avoided. What are you going to do leading up to Earth Day to decrease your plastic consumption? Maybe take the Plastic Sucks! Challenge? Plastic Sucks Challenge  



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  1. Hannah Testa says:

    Good morning,

    My name is Hannah and I am 11 yrs old and I am bring awareness to my county (Forsyth) in GA. Just outside Atlanta.

    To do my part, I recently produced a short video on YouTube called Sending an SOS To The World (Plastic Pollution) that featured my friends and elementary school teachers in our effort to explain how single use, disposable plastics can be harmful to the environment. Here is the link:

    As I like to say, plastic is like diamonds, it is here on our planet forever.  The reason I am so concerned is that a lot of our plastic ends up in the ocean and kills marine life. As my video explains, there are simple actions we can take to address the problem of plastics.

    I am bringing attention to this issue as my goal is to inform and touch as many hearts as possible. Angela and I have become allies in this initiative to change the world. Hope you like my video?

    Thank you for protecting our planet!

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