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NTR Campus Club Program

Are you the only one around with a re-useable water bottle and wonder why nobody else has one? Does it drive you crazy when you see your classmates, teachers, coworkers throwing stacks of paper in the trash? Want to stop your friends and family from using toxic chemicals in the places you eat, study, live and work? Do you wonder if any of these things may cause breast and other cancers? If you want to Join The Revolution and go non-toxic, start an NTR Campus Club at your school!
The Non Toxic Revolution Campus Club program was established as a way to bring together those of us who want to reduce toxins and make positive changes in our communities. NTR Campus Clubs acknowledges and enables the fact that young people do want to be activists, and play a part of a bigger and better good.
The program gives these students a platform to come together to discuss areas of their schools and local communities that pose potential health risks, educate others about toxins in their environment, and help their community lower their risk of cancer and disease.

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