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Get Organized

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to start your own NTR Campus Club with this handy checklist. With just a couple quick steps you will be well on the way to improving your own health as well as the health of others. Plus you’ll be getting educated about toxins, learning about and preventing breast and other cancers, as well as gaining valuable skills for life after school. So get organized!

Now that you’ve applied and got the go-­‐ahead to start an NTR Campus Club, the next step is to get organized. Hopefully by now you you’ve organized an epic team of members and you and your advisor have come up with the first project for the club. If not, we’ll help you with that. Be sure to check out the ‘Take Action’ section of the NTR Campus Club website.

First step to getting organized is to get official: Register your club! Registering your club on campus is very important. On some college campuses this can affect how easy it is for your club to host events. We understand that this can be a challenging process on some campuses – don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and use your Advisor!

Second, please provide us with your member ‘rock star’ list including each members name and email address. You can do this using the contact email below.

Third, one of the most exciting parts of an NTR Campus Club are the events and actions the club organizes Please let us know the following information about your first, and subsequent events so we can be sure to brag about you!

  • * Event Name
  • * Event Date
  • * Event Start/End Time
  • * Event Location
  • * Number of Expected Attendees
  • * Event activities
  • * Expected fundraising total (if applicable)

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Share your creativity with us! We would love to see your ideas, your photos, and hear about your experiences as your club grows. Share with us on our page at

Take Action!

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