Keep A Breast Foundation - Non Toxic Revolution


NTR Campaign Hits the Road!

I love road trips - they’re exciting. Maybe it’s the adventure, the thrill of the unknown, or the freedom a long stretch of open road provides but I love it all…which is a good thing because today we start an 11,000 mile road trip to promote the new Keep A Breast campaign; The Non Toxic Revolution. Starting in San Francisco and moving between seven major nationwide cities, the campaign is to be splashed with posters and non toxic wheat paste across donated walls, vacant buildings, plywood construction zones, and city free-walls deemed ‘official poster zones’. You’ll be sure to see us around soon! We’ll need volunteers so if you happen to be free or want to take the day off and come help we’d love the extra hands! Eventually we’ll be forming a down and dirty NTR street team so keep an eye out if you want to join the recruits. Peace, -Casey



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