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In honor of Earth Day, Keep A Breast is CLOSED

In honor of earth day Keep A Breast is CLOSED. We hope you are looking at our site because you need helpful tips on how to go outside and make an impact on the earth, and yourself. This is our third year taking the day off, and usually you can't access our site becuase we want you to get out into this world and get inspired to better yourself and your communities. A few things we are doing today is traveling in our biodeisel car to educate college campuses to green their communities and start clubs, bike rides by the beach, and meet up with our friends at Etnies to pass out 2,000 pairs of shoes and hot meals to the homeless in LA. If you need a little help getting off your electronics and getting into the world here are our favorite inspirations. Gardening 101 along side a DIY organic garden spray in leui of pesticides. Make a greenhouse! Eliminate plastic bags by making your own using old tees Your pets enjoy Earth Day more than we do. Do them a favor and make organic fertilizer and weed killers. So after you explore the site for a few tips on how to lower your risk, get out there and do something... or nothing in honor of earth day today!  



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