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Non Toxic Round Up Week of June 1-5: Subway Drops Artificial Additives, IKEA Fights Climate Change & more!

More great news from big business and a non toxic future! See what milestones you missed this week in our non toxic round up. Ikea non toxic round up

IKEA's Climate Change Pledge Will Make More of An Impact Than Some Country's

Ikea has already been committed to climate change, but they are upping their game in a big way. In that past, they have supported sustainable forestry, invested large amounts in renewable energy & even introduced veggie meatballs. Now, they have committed to another $1.1 billion plan in climate related funding. $600,000 going to more renewable energy initiatives and $400,000 to help families that have been most impacted by climate change. Steve Howard, IKEA's chief sustainability officer, says,"If every business and organisation did what we did, we would flip electricity generation into being renewable-based by 2020 or shortly thereafter."

Subway Will Remove Artificial Ingredients From Menu by 2017

In just 18 months, Subway will actually live up to it's "Eat Fresh" tagline. They will be removing artificial ingredients, including flavors, colors and preservatives. They will even be dropping artificial trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and lowering the sodium content. Banana peppers will be colored with turmeric, instead of yellow dye No.5, and even working on whole ingredients in its sauces and cookies. Subway's sales were down 3% last year and they committed to meeting our new expectations for non toxic food.

Happy World Environment Day!

Today is World Environment day is today and backed by the United Nations. They are urging action by individuals, organizations and companies to fight climate change. Check out their beautiful video for the occasion.

Colleges Ban Tanning Beds To Prevent Skin Cancer In Young People

Last year, a 25 year old medical student at the University of Colorado was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her classmates were shocked, thinking that skin cancer was a disease mainly found in older people. Actually, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, melanoma is now the most common type of cancer among young people ages 25-29. Consistent tanning bed use before the age of 35 has been found to increase the chances of melanoma by 59 percent. The Surgeon General is awarding colleges that bans tanning beds on their campuses. Now that's a non toxic award!

Communities Find Ways To Stop Rise In Skin Cancer Cases

Melanoma cases have doubled in the last 3 decades, and communities are educating their citizens on sun safety this summer. This number will continue to rise if more effort isn't put into being safe while having fun in the sun. Most cases are caused by overexposure to UV rays and can be avoided by reducing your exposure. Check out our 6 easy skin protectors to have a sun safe summer!



Monica Schrock is a passionate non-toxic lifer and has her own non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free skin care company, Bare Bones Body Care. You will most likely catch her drinking coffee, playing basketball, reading comics or laughing uncontrollably.
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