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Non Toxic Round Up June 22-26: General Mills Ditches Artificial Foods, The Supreme Court Rules For Marriage Equality & More!

Supreme Rules In Favor Of Marriage Equality

We couldn't start this non toxic round up with out talking about the amazing step America took today. Legalizing marriage for all in all 50 states. Love wins! Part of living a non toxic lifestyle is keeping your heart and soul free of hate and negativity. This is an amazing day. Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Everyone that supported this progress and never gave up.

General Mills To Remove Artificial Food & Colors from Products

General Mills has recognized the demand for better food quality and is responding in the best way. They are removing artificial ingredients and colors from the remaining 40% of cereals that contain them. They've officially stated that they want to see more recognizable ingredients on their food labels. They plan to have more than 90% of their cereals free of artificial ingredients.

Jessica Alba Joins the Fight For Chemical Reform

Jessica Alba is going above and beyond for non toxic living. She already has her own non toxic product line, The Honest Company. She is now taking on chemical reform, saying that even the reform for the Toxic Substances Control Act doesn't go far enough to protect people. We are stoked to have people of influence taking on toxins in our lives!

Scotland Goes 100% Renewable by 2020

Scotland is currently getting 49.8% of its energy from renewable sources and they are making a commitment to go even higher. Renewable growth is rising rapidly in Scotland and their wind farms are producing record amounts of power. Scotland is making the people's voice on this issue a priority. In fact, the government's own polls have shown the 65% of the population support onshore wind power. This is more than support for any political party. Showing us that this subject is not a party issue, everyone deserves are non toxic future.

EWG Encourages Us To Tell Congress We Want GMO Labeling

The Environmental Working Group is at the forefront of keeping Americans in the know about our food. The GMO debate is still ongoing, but no matter what the result, we still have the right to know if GMO ingredients are in the products we buy. The DARK Act would not only allow companies to use GMOs without disclosing, but would also not allow brands to state on the label that they DO NOT use them. We have the right to no if our food is non toxic & EWG is helping us do that. Sign their petition and vote for a transparent future.



Monica Schrock is a passionate non-toxic lifer and has her own non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free skin care company, Bare Bones Body Care. You will most likely catch her drinking coffee, playing basketball, reading comics or laughing uncontrollably.
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