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Earth Week: Live like the Mayans were right!

At Keep A Breast and Non Toxic Revolution, April 22nd is a big deal. In fact, we take the day off. Why?… Because its Earth Day! We try to take that time to do something good for others or ourselves, and make our planet a better place.  In that spirit, every day this week for Earth Week, we will provide you with different project and tip ideas so that you can join the Revolution and be your own eco super hero! Today’s element is… HEART!

Live like the Mayans were right!

So according to the Mayans the world is going to end this year, right? Well, probably not, but if it was, do you think you would have the same quality of life you are living right this second? OR would you be out dancing and experiencing the world for all that it has to offer, taking on every experience with a smile? All of us have our daily stresses and sadness but that doesn’t mean the sun won't rise tomorrow with a shot at making it the best day ever! Studies have shown that taking on a situation in your life with a premature negative outlook will actually limit your possibilities of success. There are so many ways to lower your risk of disease, but the one that I find most beneficial and, well, easiest to adjust, is your outlook on life! A year ago, during one of the busiest times of Keep A Breast’s year, my coworkers and I took a day out of the office to help out our friends at Etnies to pass out 2,000 pairs of free shoes to the homeless on Earth Day. Etnies has teamed up with The LA Mission for the past 13 years to handout shoes and warm meals to the homeless and give back to society. It was truly an eye-opening day for me, the people I met couldn’t be happier to try on those new shoes, yet I had the audacity to throw a tantrum when I get whole milk instead of soy earlier that morning. That day taught me to take a step back and breathe. I learned to take everyday as a gift of being able to help others or experience something or someone in a new positive light. I’m not the kinda girl to get all hippie dippy on you, but I promise you this; by smiling and letting the negative roll of your shoulders your Heart and Soul will prosper. What better way to help nourish your Heart and Soul than to get out there this Earth Day like I did and try to make a difference. There are so many opportunities on Earth Day to volunteer, so find something fun for you! Whether you are giving shoes to the homeless, or out planting trees, that negative outlook and the huffing and puffing will go away. Your health and your smiles will come back to make you realize, the sun will rise tomorrow and its going to be the best day ever. - KAB Kayla That wraps up our Earth Week tips! Hopefully you picked up a few on how you can become an eco super hero in your own life. Have a great Earth Day everyone! If we let our powers combine… we can save this PLANET!



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