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You're here, yay! You've decided that is time to ditch your toxic deodorant and we are so excited that you want to make the switch. Now, you may fall into one or more of these scenarios when it comes to switching to natural, non toxic deodorant:

I tried a natural deodorant for a couple days and it didn't work. I've heard they don't work that well and I sweat a lot and smell really bad. So, no thanks. I've never even thought about switching. My synthetic deodorant works. We feel you! Deodorant is commonly the last product that people decide to switch because no one wants to sweat a lot or smell bad, but luckily there are so many great options out there these days. Sometimes you have to allow your body to detox from your synthetic deodorant and this process might even cause you to smell worse at first. Give the deodorant at least 2 weeks before you give up, more often than not, your body will adjust and the natural deodorant will begin to be effective. You may even notice that you don't sweat or smell as bad when you forget to put on deodorant one day.

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Our Top Deodorant Picks that are Non Toxic AF

Check out our best pit picks in-store and online!


Pitted deodorant stick ($22)

Primal Life Organics

All stick deodorant scents, also available in baking soda free ($12)

Schmidt’s Deodorant

All scents and now available in baking soda free, sticks and jars ($10)

Bare Bones Body Care

All stick deodorant scents, unscented and cedarwood, also available in baking soda free ($8)

Zabana Essentials

All Stick deodorants, also available in baking soda free ($6-11) Nourish Organic Cream and stick in unscented, lavender, fig, almond vanilla, & wild berry ($10) Tom’s of Maine Specifically the Beautiful Earth Women’s deodorant, Mountain Spring Men’s deodorant, Crystal Confidence, Cucumber Grapefruit ($3-6) Burt’s Bees Men’s Natural Deodorant ($8) Pacifica Wipes Vegan and biodegradable ($9) Meow Meow Tweet All scents and available in baking soda free, sticks and jars ($8-18)  
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