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What to Eat Wednesday (When You’re Vegan and on a Budget): Use What’s In Your Fridge!

 My Name is Franny and I’m 25 years old! I live in Indiana and I am the Tour Coordinator for a Non-Profit Charity called Feed Our Children NOW!  I enjoy the simple things in life such as family time, reading, drawing, self expression, feminism and toy collecting. I collect everything from Star Wars action figures to the grotesque but loveable Living Dead Dolls and everything in between.  To my friends I’m just Franny but to most people I’m that weird guy because I’m vegan. Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit. I eat everything from Hamburgers to Cheese Enchiladas! I’m Mexican; you can’t expect me to stop eating enchiladas just because I’m vegan! For those of you who don’t know what vegan means: veg·an/ˈvēgən/ Noun: A person who does not eat or use animal products.  Eating vegan means eating healthier without all the calories and fat. It’s also a way to reduce high cholesterol, avoid diabetes and decrease your chances of heart disease and cancer!  Which is why I’m here to teach you a fun and easy way to cook vegan while on a budget with todays fabulous segment of What To Eat Wednesday (When You’re Vegan and on a Budget)! This week is all about, Using Whats in Your Fridge!

 What to Eat Wednesday (When You're Vegan and on a Budget): Using Whats in Your Fridge!

One of my favorite dishes to make is Stir Fry. Its simple and there isn’t a strict recipe to follow. You can pretty much just use whatever vegetables you find in your refrigerator. While digging through my fridge, I found extra firm tofu, carrots, onions, chives, bean sprouts, cabbage, lemons and soy sauce. And In my pantry I found rice noodles. All perfect for making a delicious Stir Fry. I like to start by chopping up 2 large carrots, half an onion, about 1/3 of the cabbage and 1 block of extra firm tofu. Once everything is chopped I take a saucepan and put it over a flame with some vegetable oil. After a few minutes I toss in the cabbage, carrots, onions, a handful of bean sprouts and the tofu. I mix it occasionally and add a pinch of salt and pepper and about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce.  While everything is cooking I put the rice noodles in some boiling water for a brief soaking. You don’t want to over cook them because they’ll finish cooking in the Stir Fry. When the noodles are ready drain them and toss them into the saucepan. The Stir Fry will be ready when the tofu develops a golden brown look.  Total cooking time should be no more than 30 minutes. When ready top off with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon and the chives. You and three of your friends have a delicious meal! Bon Appètit! It wouldn’t be a proper meal if I forgot to give you a recipe for the perfect dessert! Which is why I’m going to show you how to make your own water based Strawberry Ice Cream if you will. You will need: 1 1/2 cups of water 1 ½ cups of chopped strawberries ½ cup of sugar 3 cups of ice cubes That’s it! 4 ingredients! I’m a huge believer of only eating what you can pronounce. If you take a look at a carton of ice cream in your freezer you’ll see some pretty whacky words that will give you a hard time when it come to pronunciation. Take all 4 ingredients and toss in a blender until its smooth. Scoop and serve for two. The look and taste will be so mind blowing you’ll be making it everyday.  Please keep in mind that you can make this with any fruit you’d like! There you have it! A meal fit for a King or a vegan on a budget.  I hope you enjoy this meal as much as I did and see that being vegan isn’t as awful as you may think. To be completely honest before I was vegan I felt like I was limited to certain types of food but ever since making the switch I have opened doors I never dreamt of.  Cooking is a fun thing to do with friends and family. There is always room for error and mistake and who knows you may even create something completely new and delicious while eating healthy! If you have any questions about my recipe, being vegan or just want to talk about Sailor Moon you can catch me on Twitter @FrannyLopezz  I’m also available to hit up for vegan recipes of any kind. Just ask my friends and they’ll tell you I’m a vegan cooking/ baking machine with recipes to almost anything. -Franny Lopez



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