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The Dirty Truth!

The documentary Dirt is hands down the most fascinating and informative documentary I've ever seen.  This film breaks down the entire process of life from the beginning of time, giving a clear explanation and understanding of where we come from and where we're going (depending on the choices we make).  In a nut shell, we come from dirt and we go back to dirt, it's the most alive substance on the planet!  Dirt, as we know it, was created during the last four billion years of evolution and is the living source of all of life. Watching this movie is a MUST, it contains solutions, examples and actions needed to be taken now and it's clear as day after viewing this film that the dirt must be preserved if we are to sustain life.  The good news is it can be rejuvenated in ONLY 10 years!!  Imagine healing the soil which will get us back in balance with the earth to recreate and sustain healthy life in just a decade (otherwise the outcome is not so pretty...)  It only takes one match to start a fire so be that match, watch this movie and be inspired to find ways you can make a difference to create real, sustainable change in your community starting with the dirt beneath your feet. You can order this film on Netflix, buy it on Amazon or watch it for free on-line here. Heather Feemster Fashion and Food Editor, The Post Social



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