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Sunscreen for Fish? Report Shows Fish with Skin Cancer

It may be time to start making sunscreen for fish.Today marks the first time that skin cancer has been identified in fish populations. A recent study between Newcastle University and the Australian Institute of Marine Science has shown the first known signs of melanoma in the coral trout, a species found on the Great Barrier Reef. Which just s happens to be directly beneath the world's largest hole in the ozone layer. Coincidence you think? Happy non skin-cancer affected fish above...below, sad skin-cancer coral trout fish. Researchers on the study say that the melanoma is almost identical to that found in humans. They sampled 136 fish of which 20 (15%) showed dark lesions on the skin -- a tell tale sign of surface level melanoma in humans. While the Non Toxic Revolution (and myself personally) is against lab testing of animals. Research using UV-induced melanoma in fish has until now only been seen under lab conditions and has been used as a model to study the progress of human skin cancer due to the similarities in the disease. One more thing to consider for us humans - watch what you're using in your products/ingredients as the chemicals can and do run-off into the oceans, rivers, and streams. Watch what you toss as plastics and other materials end up in the same place, and now consider your impact on the ozone. Do it for the fishies!



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