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The Search For A Non Toxic Nail Polish Alternative

The Search For A Non Toxic Nail Polish Alternative All of my co-workers know that I have an obsession with all things nail art. However, with my love for gel polish and manicures comes countless chemicals and exposure to harmful UV rays. I know that I’m not perfect when it comes to what I put on my body product-wise, so I’ve been growing more and more interested in finding better alternatives to every day products like nail polish. For the past few weeks I have been on the search for a “better” alternative to solvent-based polish that contains chemicals and let’s be honest, it smells horrid! Through my search on endless websites I came across HoneyBee Gardens water based nail polish. water-based polish | The Non Toxic Revolution | The Keep A Breast Foundation The problem with most water-based nail polish lines is that they're only your grandmothers’ favorite colors - not at all appealing to the younger generations. HoneyBee Gardens Water Colors line features 25 unique shades including a black and red matte and even lavender! The folks at HoneyBee Gardens were nice enough to send us some samples to try out and I was ecstatic when I saw the Red Matte polish called “Wild Fire” included in the mix. When I first opened the package my first instinct was to smell the polish to see if it was odorless. The only thing I smelled was a light acrylic paint smell which is way more mild than solvent based polishes! (ingredients list includes: water, water-miscible acrylic resigns, and butyl carbitol) The bottle design and the consistency of the actual polish all lived up to the store bought kind. Prior to reading the directions that come with the polish I did learn that the biggest difference for water-based polishes is that you need to let it “cure” for 4-6 hours. Only 75% of the polish will cure within the first few minutes. Solution? Paint your nails right before you head to bed. HoneyBeeGardens_DAY1 I followed the suggestion and painted my nails before getting my beauty sleep. Although my nails were dry to the touch (a few moments after painting them) I woke to beautifully done red nails. Day 3 From days 1-3 the polish wore really well with minimal chipping at the tips (I blame the dishes!). On day 4 the polish started to chip a little more at the tips, and at day 5 I was looking to take it off and put on a fresh coat. Another interesting fact about water-based polish is that you will need a water-based polish remover, or alcohol, or even vodka / grain alcohol will work (crazy, right?). You’re also not supposed to wear it longer than one week (because the polish becomes more difficult to dissolve the longer it stays on). HoneyBee Gardens has a clear base/top coat available to pair with the polishes (although I did not use one). I suggest purchasing it in order to extend the life of your manicure. I would recommend water-based polish vs. solvent based because of its ease of use and similar quality without the chemicals. It holds up to any of the store bought kinds and is a healthier alternative to UV gel nails! If you refuse to go polish-less I strongly suggest trying a water-based line like HoneyBee Gardens with limited ingredients and a chemical-free claim. At the very least, ALWAYS purchase 3-free polishes (free from Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Toluene) to ensure you’re not getting those hidden toxic chemicals! And to all of you UV gel nail girls out there – make sure you wear sunscreen at your next visit! Visit our Pinterest page with recommendations on non toxic products we love! - Andria Goodrow P.S: Check out our recent blogs on The Dirty Little Secrets Of Pinkwashing! The Dirty Little Secrets of Pinwashing - The Lowdown on Avoiding Organic Solvents and Chlorines
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No Smoking Day Challenge: Save Money and Have Better Breath In 30 Days

smoking From as early as I can remember, each year for my birthday I would make a list and put one thing on it for my parents: "My wish is that you stop smoking." I am 30 years old now…and they still smoke. Chances are, you, (much like my parents), know that smoking causes cancer. I knew this when I was little and I am sure you know if too. However, there are still millions of people out there that smoke. Today is National No Smoking Day in the UK. It is a day to help support those who are wanting to quit. Let’s state the facts: beyond the overwhelming facts about cancer causing lung cancer - both smoking and second hand smoke can increase the risk of breast cancer. Tobacco smoke contains PAHs and hundreds of other chemicals. These chemicals, a few of which are known carcinogens, have caused mammary tumors in animals.  In fact there are 69 human and/or animal carcinogens in tobacco smoke alone. World Smoking Day is April 7th – I am emailing my parents and urging them to stop and go smoke-free from today until April 7th. I am asking you to do the same.  Either try to quit smoking until April 7th or support a friend in their journey to do the same. My favorite ways to encourage my parents while I was younger: 1. Begging 2. Smashing their packs to show them the hurt that buying a new pack caused 3. Replacing their cigarettes with ANYTHING while they weren’t looking. My favorite was twizzlers cut to size – as they seemed to be able to go as far as packing their cigarettes before noticing. 4. Stating facts: - Chemicals are added to paper to make the cigarette stay lit even when you are not puffing. - Filters are made out of the same material as camera film. - 1 in 3 youth smokers will eventually die from a tobacco related disease - It is estimated that in 2013 approximately 203,544 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer attributable to smoking. - In the U.S., tobacco kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, drugs, and fires combined. Now we know this is one of the hardest challenges so please let us know if you are taking on the challenge or of tips on encouraging others to quit in the comments below!    
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Poop Stinks! How to Make a Nontoxic Bathroom Freshener at Home

Poop Stinks! We’ve all been there. Stuck in the public bathroom line with the sudden urge to go #2.  Suddenly, somebody else enters the bathroom and  stage fright sets in. You panic. If only you had some bathroom spray to cover up the odor that was about to be unleashed into the air. Sure, spray will help mask it but what’s more obvious (and toxic) than a can filled with chemicals?! You may think that your only other option is to let the world know about your toilet time, but there’s hope. Since I’ve come to the realization that what I’m spraying into the air during my “doody-time” is not beneficial to me - or anyone else in the vicinity - I’ve made it my mission to seek out the best nontoxic bathroom solutions. Here are some ideas of ways you can freshen the air without risking your health or the health of others! Eucalyptus Make your own freshener spray! It’s easier than you think! A simple google search is all it took to find a homemade recipe for a cleaner version of Poo-Pourri’s No. 2 bathroom spray. With the help of blog owner Jillee from One Good Thing we nabbed a recipe for a nontoxic bathroom freshener scent!  All you need are some essential oils, water, and a spray bottle or a large glass with a dropper to mix the ingredients. Keep the bottle in a nearby bathroom cabinet and when nature calls spray the toilet water with the mixture to ensure the oils trap the stinky odors! * No time for DIY projects? No need to mix up a bathroom cocktail, just add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil to the toilet for the same (less complex) smell. Stop the problem while it’s happening! Place a few drops of essential oils onto several cotton balls and insert them into the toilet paper roll. Each time you, or a guest, reaches for some paper the spins will send the smell of essential oils into the air! Some other non-toxic air freshening ideas to try:
  • Hang flavored tea bags from a rack or hanger on the back of the bathroom door
  • Soy candles – add a drop of scented oil to spice up the scent even more!
  • Baking soda inside a mason jar (try wrapping the glass with fabric to disguise its contents) – it’ll help draw out bad smells just like it does in the refrigerator.
If you’re still insistent on purchasing store bought air fresheners make sure you look for natural ingredients and stay away from words like “fragrance” that conceals undisclosed ingredients. Try looking at the Environmental Working Groups Guide to Healthy Cleaning before your next purchase. The EWG ranks over 2,000 cleaners (including air fresheners) from A – F, and also breaks down the ingredients into information you can understand. - Andria Goodrow
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