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Non Toxic Revolution Holiday Guide 2011: Under $25

Hi! Kayla and Kimmy (or as we self nicknamed ourselves K girl K) here from yonder over at Keep A Breast land. We created these Non Toxic Revolution certified holiday gift guides that will surely stoke out anyone on your list. Check out the rest of the guides for Girls, GuysparentsKids, and even Pets. Check out all six of the holiday guides for ideas and inspiration and remember not to stress out about the holidays and shopping – Happy Holidays from KAB and NTR!

1. Earth Lovers Tote by Pony Attack:  Eco Friendly tote/shopping bag made from 50% recycled plastic bottles. Pony Attack: $5.00 2. 100% certified organic cotton, pre-washed, hook and loop closure, printed water based inks, made in usa and pretty much the cutest way to spruce up a PB&J. Graze organic 3 Pack: $24.00 3. Perfect gift for those who love being eco – yet might travel a lot or eat our during lunch. Bonus you can tell your mom these bamboo utensils were featured on Oprah. To-Go Ware Bamboo Utensils: $13-20 4. If you are like me than you drop your phone at least 4times a day. So next time someone asks you why you treat your phone like garbage…tell them because you protect your precious iPhone4 by actually wrapping it in recycled garbage.  MINIWIZ RE-Case iPhone: $24.95 5. Kitchen Essentials Cast Iron Skillet: Cast-iron skillets are an alternative to chemically-treated non-stick pans. (did you know you can actually kill a bird by heating up a non stick pan too high? Target: $19.99 6. I am Not a Paper Cup Reusable Mug – Get it...It looks like one…but it doesn't actually hurt the environment. Think about it...All those wasted cup lids. Genius. Target: $12.00  



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