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Non Toxic Revolution Berlin Exhibition – TONIGHT

In case you haven’t been following us; the Non Toxic Revolution is holding an art exhibition in Berlin this evening, July the 5th. The events of the past week have been both inspiring and challenging but has opened doors for further education and initiatives throughout not just Berlin but all of Europe as well. With our amazing Keep A Breast team joining us here from our European headquarters in Bordeaux, France tonight is the culmination of countless hours, miles, and months of planning. We have blocked traffic and buildings with massive banners. We signed up 14 guys on bikes to plaster the city with the Non Toxic Revolution posters – 10,000 of them. The Director of the NTR program, Casey Cochran/guy-writing-this-blog, spoke to groups of captivated teenagers at the JFK German-American school who in turn took the information about toxins and chemicals back to their parents to learn and benefit from. Needless to say – Berlin knows we’re here. The Non Toxic Revolution exhibition is to be held this evening at Strychnin gallery and features prints by artist Shepard Fairey, photography by Patrick O’Dell, and a limited-edition poster series created by six local Berlin artists including Seymour, PISA73, Luisa Catucci, Christian Rothenhagen, Mimi S., and Harry Brack.

If you’re in the neighborhood please feel free to come by between 7pm – 11pm. We will also be posting a final blog about the event with more photos and check back soon to see the video we will prepare highlighting all the events of the launch here in Berlin, Germany. Our Facebook page has more photos as well including some German celebs rocking NTR gear Danke schön Berlin – this is the Non Toxic Revolution! ~Casey



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