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Mothers Day Gift Guide Give Away!

Mother's Day Gift Guide For every holiday our friend KAB Kayla over at Keep A Breast writes us a fun Eco Holiday gift guide, and this Mothers Day we are stepping it up a notch. Moms are important and celebrating them one day a year is the least we can do. We want you to have a chance to win our super awesome Gift Basket for your mom. Simply tell us why you love your mom or your mom is the BEST in the comments below and be entered to win the NTR Mother's Day Gift Guide for your Mom! We will pick the winner on Thursday May 10th and make sure to get your basket of eco gifts over to your mom. Enjoy! 1)   Say Yes to Carrots: Your mom will love this all-natural, paraben free protective lotion! Not only is it moisturizing but it will keep her sunburn free this spring and summer! 2)   Antho Bath Salts: These Anthro organic bath salts are pure and rich in minerals with the all-natural scent of Relaxing Rose, just what mom needs! 3)   Canvas Pop Gift Card: Every mom loves a personal gift from her kids so what better (and easier) way then to upload a photo of yourself from facebook, instagram or twitter straight to the Canvas Pop website They’ll send you your photo printed on nice photo paper or even on a canvas! 4)   Potting Shed Basil: This easy to grow Basil in a bag is the perfect gift this mothers day. Your mom could have beautiful basil that can be grown indoors, right in the leak-proof bag. 5)   Couleur Carmel Lipstick: 100% natural lipstick free of toxic chemicals that have no place being in your mom’s make up. This way she can look good and stay healthy too! 6)   Lake Champlain Chocolates Mixed bars: Everyone loves Chocolate sometimes, we just don’t know who likes which kinds? This Mothers Day your mom can taste all four Organic Chocolates from Lake Champlain — Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Spicy Aztec, and Milk Sea Salt and Almonds. 7)   Seed Soy Candle: Seed Candles are the best, not only do they smell delicious but they use lead free wicks, are infused with natural essential oils, use organic soy beans for the wax as well as having 40% recycled glass containers! 8)   OPI Big Apple Red Nail Polish: Red nails are the definition of classy just like our Moms!  OPI Big Apple Red will not only be a fashion plus but its formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, or DBP, free. Lets keep our moms hands looking good and healthy! 9)   I am Not a Paper Cup Reusable Mug: How many times a week does your mom grab a coffee or a tea to start her day? This reusable mug looks just like those to go cups but will not only save her some trash space but will help save the environment too! 10) Rich Hippie Perfume: Moms always smell like yummy perfumes. Help keep your mom healthy and smelling pretty with this all-natural, romantic and uplifting floral perfume that won’t soak those stinky poisons into her skin!  



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  1. Lindsay Boehler says:

    My moma is the greatest person in the world. She is beautiful inside and out! love you moma:)

  2. Lindsay Boehler says:

    She would do anything in the world for anyone. most caring person i have ever met<3

  3. Lauren DeHaas says:

    She lost her mom to cancer & her dad to heart failure(2 yrs) & she’s still strong! Love you mom! 🙂

  4. Christa Martin says:

    My mom is funny, caring, devoted, and the best friend a girl can have.

  5. Mara says:

    My mom has made incredible sacrifices for my own health, happiness, and success. She is a hero!

  6. Amanda Bradley says:

    I love my mom because she always listens to me and no matter what, always supports me.

  7. Corey Higgins says:

    I love my mom because she had sacrificed SO much for me and my family. I owe her a lot.

  8. Monica says:

    I love my mum because we are opposites and it doesn’t matter! We love each other more for it 🙂

  9. Hayley says:

    She is kind-hearted, w a gentle touch. Currently fighting breast cancer. Sweetest & strongest mama x

  10. Sean says:

    My mom is kooky, strong, and human because of us 3 boys and 1 girl. Nice to see her now as a grandma

  11. Sarina Barajas says:

    I love her bcuz though bein a mom is the most thankless job on the plane she continues to b selfless

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