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We Got Bamboozled on the Jersey Shore!

Fistfuls of sand have become embedded in my shoes A layer of fine dust coats every inch of my skin And my smile remains constant for three days in a row!! Welcome to Asbury Park, New Jersey - this is The Bamboozle music festival!

bamboozle Personally, some of my favorite experiences that come from the Non Toxic Revolution traveling education booth are seeing new places and meeting new people whom I can talk to about NTR. No matter where I go – from Miami to Portland and Austin to New Orleans – relating the education and information to peoples personal lives continues to be one of the most rewarding parts of my role at the Keep A Breast Foundation. This past weekend I was able to do just that on the Jersey Shore – no, not this This! Specifically, Asbury Park has long been known for its rich musical history. Legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, The E Street Band, and many more have played gigs in Asbury Park and have subsequently mentioned the city in songs and albums. This year, both KAB and NTR brought our act over to the east coast for the set-on-the-beach music festival, The Bamboozle. The festival brought groups like Bon Jovi, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, The Gaslight Anthem, and Brand New among many others to the sand for 3-days of sunny-by-day / freezing-by-night festivities. We really never know quite what to expect with these events but New Jersey was really something awesome. Everyone from the older veteran rockers to the teenager at their first ever concert were welcoming, eager for more information, and highly interested in our NTR mini-zine. The locals were stoked to give their piece of mind regarding the environment in the area and what makes me especially happy to see and hear is that more people seem to be identifying with the sustainability and environmental science fields. Eco nerd pride! Aside from the music, I learned something from a local teacher as well! Both students and their teachers are taking part in a push to improve the beach eco-system of Asbury Park. Just last month a cleanup effort and replanting campaign began of beach dune grass in an effort to save the areas sand dunes and grasses – important, why? Because without the grass there would be no dunes…and no place for The Bamboozle to be held! The next time you’ll see the Non Toxic Revolution – unless you’re planning on being in Berlin July 5th – will be out on Warped Tour this summer so be sure to check the dates on our soon to be released NTR tour schedule and come out and say hi! ~Casey



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