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Fathers Day Gift Guide + Poler Give Away!

Thanks to the folks at Poler, we’re giving away a classic Camo Duffaluffagus for Father’s Day. Whether your dad is packing for a camping trip, or hopping on a cross-country flight, this awesome duffle does it all! For your chance to win, leave a comment below and let us know how your dad stays Non Toxic!

Father's Day Gift Guide:

Hey! Team K girl K over here at Keep A Breast have created another Eco Holiday Gift Guide but this time the gifts are for your dad, uncle, or any other man in your life! We’ve put together a gift guide that even made us envy their holiday! Dads deserve the best and we’ve created a list of some of the ultimate eco-manly products for you to share with him this year. 1. Pacific Shaving Co. Cream This conditioning shave cream made with no preservatives, chemicals, or dyes will give your dad a smooth shave. 2. . Solar Backpack No more dead cell phones for dad! With this solar powered charging backpack, your father can charge his phone, iPad, PDA, or any other small electronics while hiking, lounging or even golfing! 3. Waterless Car Cleaner Instead of Sunday mornings waking up and grabbing the hose to clean dads car…Spray, wipe, and clean. This eco spray is non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate-free, and conserves water all while leaving his car extra shiny and clean! 4. BBQ Three-Piece Set Crafted from sustainable bamboo your dad will love the spatula, grill brush, and grill tongs for a perfect summer barbeque! 5. Recycled Mugs Let your pops enjoy one of his favorite beverages in these Pottery Barn mugs made from recycled and repurposed glass! 6. Dixon Eco Golf Balls Ever wonder what happens when the golf ball ends up in the lake or off in the woods when dad hits a hack shot? The ball doesn’t just go away! Dixon eco golf balls are 100% recyclable and just as good as the other brands on the pro tour! 7. Poler Stuff Camo Duffaluffagus This is perfect for a dad who travels whether he is camping, traveling or simply carrying around your toys! The duffaluffagus is a classic large duffle but has backpack straps or the ability to strap it to a skateboard and pull it behind you. 8. Recycled Wallet Dad can be rollin’ in the dough or rollin’ in style with this 99% recycled wallet from Alchemy Goods made from bicycle tires! Features all the perks of a bi-fold wallet plus its waterproof! 9. Up-Cycled Wetsuit iPad Case Perfect for a dad who loves the beach! This Surfrider Foundation iPad sleeve is made from wetsuit material and provides safety and super cool factor for dad. 10 Herban Cowboy Cologne Free of dyes and harsh synthetics this cologne is made from natural products that will keep your dad smelling nice all day long!



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  1. John K says:

    Lets get 1-6 put into the Poler Stuff Camo Duffaluffagus, make it a wrap!

  2. Matt says:

    I want a duffelufagus!….and some of that shaving cream…

  3. Logan says:

    My dad is currently fighting the toxic, first father’s day with it, he is staying strong though.

  4. MerU says:

    To Logan stay strong ❤ an never leave his side
    My dad is Grows his own garden eatable an smokable

  5. Jarrod Pimental says:

    My day is doing it by raising his 3 children with our heads up, full appreciation for lifeandmankind

  6. Phil Imhof says:

    Just picked up a poler tent to go camping with my dad on fathers day. Celebrating his full year canc

  7. aaron wilson says:

    My dad is a redneck rambo

  8. john lee says:

    Family camping trips in the ’70s were the last time we were together. Time for new campvibes?

  9. Alicia says:

    My dad has been toxic free for 20 years. He is the strongest man I know. Much <3!!

  10. Frank says:

    My dad quit smoking 15 years ago and never looked back. I am so grateful for that.

  11. Kevin N. Murphy says:

    My dads mindset is nontoxic and everything else follows suit!

  12. James McGill says:

    My dad’s a bum. I want that Duffaluffagus!

  13. Mike Harper says:

    Surf and skate trips with dad are the best.

  14. MacAllistar Kemmer says:

    My pops eliminates the spread of harmful weeds and bacteria from lake to lake to save fish species

  15. Jennifer Tso says:

    My dad went vegetarian this year, goodbye animal toxins! Hello eco-friendly veggies!

  16. Taylor says:

    After unsuccessful attempts @chemo, pops’ exploring natural remedies for Stage4 cancer. F*** cancer!

  17. Matt says:

    My dad is a celiac-free, gardening gangster who passed his passion for the outdoors onto me!

  18. Robert Huber says:

    My dad sells environmental friendly all organic fertilizer!!!

  19. Hikin' Jim says:

    I am the dad. For my daughter, we’ve gone with organic lotions, wipes, etc, and I take her out in nature a lot. Apparently a dirty childhood means less chance of allergies later in life. Works for me. 🙂

  20. Hikin' Jim says:

    Happy day-after-Fathers-Day. So, um, who won?

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