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Celebrating Arbor Day with DIY Seed Bombs in the Desert

Trees are often overlooked until they are needed. For the shade they provide on a hot day. Or for their steadfast strength when hanging a hammock. Or even to give those hippies down the street something to hug. But the importance of trees isn’t lost on us; we realize they provide the oxygen we breathe and scrub the air we pollute of toxins to make clean oxygen again. Trees conserve water, provide safe haven for all kinds of wildlife, and even moderate temperature. So, with tomorrow being Arbor Day we here at Keep A Breast and the Non Toxic Revolution suggest that you celebrate trees in the best way you see fit; have a picnic under a tree, climb one, hug one, or plant a new one! Happy Arbor Day! On the opposite end of lush, dense, forests of green - this past weekend I spent my weekend in Desert Hot Springs in California for the Desert Daze Festival that coincided with the larger and slightly more well known Coachella Music and Arts Festival. Both events are set in the desert and entirely devoid of any trees of any kind – the welcoming shade of a leafy tree was nonexistent and I wasn’t about to go hugging any cacti. Humboldt forest this was not – more like Rango meets Roadhouse (watch them both – you’ll get what I’m saying). Set over 11 days at Dillon’s Roadhouse, the Desert Daze event hosts 120+ amazing bands, organic food trucks, and activities and education from vendors which included the NTR traveling education tent! The event, which also featured an organic popcorn vendor, the awesome guys at LA Coffee Club, and live art by local artists, is all organized through Moon Block Party by Phil Pirrone who himself puts on a great show. Wanting to create something special for Arbor Day but knowing our location - we got creative and created a DIY seed bomb section where folks could make their own seed bombs using native seeds to the area, newspaper, and water. Instead of sequoias and pine trees we offered wild poppy’s and desert mixes that aren’t invasive to the area. We used special silicon ice cube trays which helped us make stars, flowers, hearts, and skulls! All of us at Non Toxic Revolution had a great time hanging with the bands, organizers, visitors, and locals at Dillons. If you haven't caught up with Moon Block Party there is sure to be an event coming to a city near you soon. Don't miss it, they're unique and entertaining no matter what you're into - whether that be folk or psych rock music; or cactus or maple trees. See ya'll next time! ~Casey



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