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Non Toxic Round Up June 22-26: General Mills Ditches Artificial Foods, The Supreme Court Rules For Marriage Equality & More!

Supreme Rules In Favor Of Marriage Equality

We couldn’t start this non toxic round up with out talking about the amazing step America took today. Legalizing marriage for all in all 50 states. Love wins! Part of living a non toxic lifestyle is keeping your heart and soul free of hate and negativity. This is an amazing day. Thank you to everyone that made this possible. Everyone that supported this progress and never gave up.

General Mills To Remove Artificial Food & Colors from Products

General Mills has recognized the demand for better food quality and is responding in the best way. They are removing artificial ingredients and colors from the remaining 40% of cereals that contain them. They’ve officially stated that they want to see more recognizable ingredients on their food labels. They plan to have more than 90% of their cereals free of artificial ingredients.

Jessica Alba Joins the Fight For Chemical Reform

Jessica Alba is going above and beyond for non toxic living. She already has her own non toxic product line, The Honest Company. She is now taking on chemical reform, saying that even the reform for the Toxic Substances Control Act doesn’t go far enough to protect people. We are stoked to have people of influence taking on toxins in our lives!

Scotland Goes 100% Renewable by 2020

Scotland is currently getting 49.8% of its energy from renewable sources and they are making a commitment to go even higher. Renewable growth is rising rapidly in Scotland and their wind farms are producing record amounts of power. Scotland is making the people’s voice on this issue a priority. In fact, the government’s own polls have shown the 65% of the population support onshore wind power. This is more than support for any political party. Showing us that this subject is not a party issue, everyone deserves are non toxic future.

EWG Encourages Us To Tell Congress We Want GMO Labeling

The Environmental Working Group is at the forefront of keeping Americans in the know about our food. The GMO debate is still ongoing, but no matter what the result, we still have the right to know if GMO ingredients are in the products we buy. The DARK Act would not only allow companies to use GMOs without disclosing, but would also not allow brands to state on the label that they DO NOT use them. We have the right to no if our food is non toxic & EWG is helping us do that. Sign their petition and vote for a transparent future.

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Non Toxic Round Up Week of June 15-19: FDA Bans Artificial Trans fat, UK Grocery Store Keeps Food Out of The Trash, & More!

The good news seems to keep piling up! More and more companies are seeing what they can do to make non toxic living a priority for all.


New Initiative Makes Renewable Energy Research For Cheaper Options A Priority

Despite the overwhelming affect of climate change on our lives, only 2 percent of global public research is dedicated to renewable energy. The Global Apollo Programme is going to do all it can to make new-build renewable projects cheaper than new-build coal projects in sunny areas by 2020, and globally by 2025. This is huge non toxic news and will hopefully make renewable energy solutions a priority for our future.

Lego Invests Big to Replace Oil-Based Plastics

Lego has been a part of child creativity for years and they are trying to take their impact to a new level. A lesser level to be more precise. Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability at Lego stated that there are more than 90 times as many Lego pieces as humans on Earth. Their impact on the planet is huge and they are in search of an alternative to the oil-based plastic that has kept them going for years. The task will be a challenge, because of many factors, but they are investing $150 million and over 100 experts to tackle it. They have recently dropped their 50 year partnership with Shell Oil because of the GreenPeace video below and have significantly reduced their packaging. We believe in their non toxic efforts!

U.K. Supermarket Donates Food Instead of Throwing it Away

Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the U.K., threw away 30,000 tons of edible food last year. This year, they will donate it to people in need. We all think it, but now people are starting to change it. Why do supermarkets and bakeries have to throw out perfectly edible food? These days many countries and regions are starting to ignore the age old thought of food being unsellable after the first day. Many are selling foods at a discount or even donating it. Keeping good food out of the landfill and sending it where it should go, to hungry people. Zero waste is one of the most non toxic life goals you can commit to, let’s go for it!

FDA Finally Bans Artificial Trans Fat

The FDA has ordered food processors to eliminate artificial trans fat from their products in the next three years. There has been much debate on whether the FDA is over-stepping it’s bounds. However, the bottom line is that artificial trans fats cause tens of thousands of death per year & this ban could help cut down heart disease. Many food companies have chosen to voluntarily remove these fats already, but through a labeling loophole, some brands don’t have to disclose certain amounts of these harmful ingredients. In our opinion, less artificial ingredients is a non toxic win.

Study Finds Direct Link Between the Brain and the Immune System

Dr. Kevin Lee of the University of Virginia, stated that the textbooks are going to have to be corrected. Their study has discovered that their is a direct connection between our brain and our immune system. The lymphatic system carries a clear fluid filled with white blood cells that cleanses the body of toxins. The lymphatic system was believed to end at the base of the skull, but recent research has discovered that these vessels are well hidden, but actually present in the brain. These finding may have huge implications on the treatment of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

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5 Pro Tips For Your Armpits from Schmidt’s Deodorant Founder Jaime Schmidt

Schmidt_640x640_2 (1)

Let’s face it. Our underarms are not the most glamorous part of our anatomy. We’ve all been there—sweaty, stinky, and uncomfortable, wishing our deodorant would just do its job! Well, there’s good reason for all that frustration. It turns out that our body’s process of sweating is actually not a good thing to interrupt, and the conventional deodorants readily available on the market are formulated with toxic ingredients that don’t have your body’s best interests in mind.

The good news is, natural alternatives like Schmidt’s Deodorant can not only match the effectiveness of chemical deodorants, but actually outperform them. This is why we’ve made it our mission to “change the way people think about deodorant.” Follow my pro tips and you’ll be on your way to smooth sailing from here on out.

Our underarms need some extra TLC!

This might come as a surprise, but the underarms are actually one of the very most sensitive areas of the body. While they’re often put in a corner for being a “stinky” area of our bodies, the truth is our armpits need more care than we tend to assume! They’re packed with a high concentration of nerves and lymph nodes that absorb substances directly into our capillaries. Not only that, but the underarm skin is actually thinner than the rest of our skin, and it rarely takes in sunlight, leaving it extra prone to sensitivity.

Pro tip: Keep the skin hydrated and exfoliated, just like any other part of your body. Since our underarms are so vulnerable, stick to using facial products since they are less aggressively formulated. If you really want to go the extra mile, give your underarms a gentle massage to stimulate the lymphatic tissue, boosting your immune response and allowing the body to process up to ten times the amount of fluid!

Let your body sweat!

Second only to “Will it keep me odor-free?” one of the most common questions we get at Schmidt’s is, “Will it keep me dry?” Our bodies are intended to sweat—the sweat actually transports toxins out of the body, leaving us internally refreshed and clean. Not only that, it helps cool the body and maintain its core temperature.  Conventional antiperspirants use aluminum to block our sweat ducts, preventing its exit. These should be avoided if at all possible.

Pro tip: Go natural and stay dry at the same time. While Schmidt’s isn’t an antiperspirant, our formula contains natural plant-based powders to absorb the sweat. This allows the sweat to exit the body, but helps stop it before it can spread across your skin, leaving you uncomfortable and your clothing moist.

Avoid underarm stains!

Ever notice a stain on your clothing in the underarm area and wonder how it got there? Many people attribute these as “sweat stains,” but they’re actually the result of an interaction between your sweat and the active ingredients in your deodorant. The biggest culprit here is antiperspirants, which contain aluminum-based compounds that are especially likely to stain once bonding with your sweat.

Pro tip: On top of avoiding antiperspirants, you can avoid tight-fitting and synthetic clothing fabrics that might irritate the underarms and exacerbate the sweating process. Also make sure that your underarms are dry before applying deodorant—mixing your deo with water makes staining more likely.

Treat Your Armpits Like Royalty: Pro Tips from Schmidt’s Deodorant Founder Jaime Schmidt

Eliminate sensitivity!

Although we don’t think of our armpits as a “dry” area, the thin skin of our underarms is actually prone to dryness, particularly because the antibacterial properties of many deodorants can lead to dried out skin. Keep them moisturized!

Pro tip: Only apply deodorant to dry skin, waiting until after your moisturizer has dried post-shave. Make sure you’re using a fresh, clean razor, and a moisturizing shaving cream. As stated in the tip above, avoid tight-fitting and synthetic clothing fabrics that can irritate the underarms.

Give your underarms a break!

By now you know that the underarms are a very sensitive area of the body. Recognizing this, it’s important that your delicate skin is given opportunities to “recover” in its natural state.
Pro tip: Applying deodorant or some clothing fabrics directly after shaving can be irritating. Try waiting 10 minutes before putting on deodorant, or shave before bed and let the skin recover overnight. As a general rule of thumb, it’s wise to avoid wearing deodorant while you sleep so that the skin has time to breathe.

Schmidt's Deodorant Founder Jaime Schmidt

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