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Super Easy, 3 Ingredient, Non Toxic, DIY Deodorant

That’s right! Only 3 ingredients and you can have effective and safe deodorant for super cheap. You may already know, but there are some questionable ingredients in many deodorants currently on the shelves in personal care isles. Ingredients that have been linked to certain diseases or even just uncomfortable reactions. Deodorant is something we use every single day (most of the time), so it’s super important that we make sure the ingredients are clean and non toxic.

This deodorant recipe only takes about 5 minutes to make. All you need is coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and baking soda. You can always add a few drops of essential oil if you’re into have a little scent, but make sure the essential oil is recommended for armpits. Some can cause irritations. We love lemon, lime, and lavender!

Here’s how you make it!

Voila! We decided to put ours in a little jar, but you can also clean out an old deodorant stick if you prefer using a stick application :). Leave in the fridge to keep a solid consistency, or in a bathroom cupboard if you’re ok with it being a little creamier.

TIPS! Don’t apply too much, just the equivalent of one swipe of a regular stick deodorant. Apply to dry armpits, when natural deodorants mix with water they can cause shirt stains. And wait 5-10 minutes for the deodorant to soak in before putting on your shirt. This will help you avoid shirt stains from the coconut oil.

deodorant DIY

The ingredients below are some red flags to check on your deodorant label.

If your current deodorant contains one or more of these ingredients, consider switching to a more non toxic option, or better yet, making your own.


Take the Deodorant Challenge!

Did we mention that we’re doing a deodorant challenge all summer? Make this recipe or buy one of our favorite non toxic deodorants (discount codes included when you sign up) and vlog your experience for a chance to win cool stuff! And also switch permanently to awesomely  non toxic deodorant, which is pretty cool too ;).

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Open This Pit Up Deodorant Challenge: Switch Your Deodorant to Non Toxic & Win Cool Stuff!

Take the deodorant challenge.

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June Non Toxic News Round Up: Milk Substitute Uses 93% Less Water Than Dairy, Germany Bans Fracking, & More!

Another month goes by and we keep striving to be non toxic in our personal lives and our society. All the toxic facts thrown at you every day can be daunting, but we are here to help you change your habits to more non toxic ones, and to understand everything going on in the non toxic space.

So here is some good stuff that happened this month!

Philly Approves Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages


Sugary drinks, including soda, fruit drinks, sports drinks, sweetened teas and energy drinks, account for about 46% of all added sugars in the American Diet. This tax will be a significant investment in the Philly neighborhoods and education systems. Doubling the benefit of encouraging people to drink more non toxic drinks and avoid added sugar.

New Pea-Based Milk Uses 93% Less Water Than Dairy


Ripple Foods has created a plant-based milk, made from peas, with a mission to educate people on the health and environmental impacts of milk. Apparently it even has the same mouth feel and taste as cow’s milk, but a way more non toxic version! Along with 50% more calcium and half the sugar. We’re in!

Germany Bans Fracking


Fracking has been largely unregulated in Germany, but with an increased concern over it’s public health and environmental impact, Germany decided to take the non toxic route and ban Fracking. Water was among the top concern on their list. This bill is scheduled to be reevaluated in 5 years, but many are working towards this being a permanent decision.

Scotland Reaches Emissions Reduction Goal Early


Scotland made a goal to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 42% by the year 2020. This month, the Scottish government announced that they reached their goal in 2014, 6 years earlier than predicted! They actually reached a reduction of 45.8%. They also announced that they are likely to reach for even more ambitious non toxic, climate change goals.

China Commits to 50% Reduction in Meat Consumption


China announced the possibility of this decision last month, but they have officially outlined a plan to reduce their meat consumption 50% by 2030. This plan could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.8 billion tons, and could lessen the country’s problem with obesity and diabetes. Currently, China consumes 28% of the world’s meat, and with their population growing, we admire their commitment to helping reduce emissions for a more non toxic future.

Congress Really Wants to Reduce Food Waste

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This isn’t the first time Congress has attempted to tackle the U.S. food waste problem, but they are really going for it. The Food Recovery Act would be an attempt at really cutting down our food waste and helping those in need of food. It would encourage strategies such as, encouraging schools to buy “banged-up” fruits and veggies, simplify expiration dates, creating a uniform system for food date labels. If this non toxic law was passed, it would save money, save food for people who need it, and avoid many environmental damages.

The take away from this edition of non toxic news seems to be that what is better for the environment, is generally better for our health as well.

We leave you with this beautifully revealing video.

(Cover Photo by Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

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