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Non Toxic Round Up Week of May 18-22: CA Votes To Ban Microbeads, Hawaii Goes 100% Renewable Energy and more!


Another good week for non toxic news in review!

California Votes on banning products containing Plastic Microbeads

Today, the CA state assembly is scheduled to vote on banning products with plastic microbeads. These tiny plastic beads can be found in a plethora of products, from toothpaste to face wash. In fact, one jar of face wash can contain over 300,000 microbeads alone. These beads are not biodegradable and generate about 38 tons of plastic pollution in California. Not to mention the fish that consume these toxic beads, that can in turn end up in our bodies from eating them. What the what! We support the banning of these beads, because plastic SUCKS!

Hawaii Lawmakers commit to 100% Renewable Energy by 2045

2045 may sound like a long time from now, but this commitment is a big deal. Hopefully, with the advances in renewable energy technology, we will see more states and countries making the same announcement in the coming years. Governments deciding to step towards non toxic energy sources will make a big impact on the preservation of our environment. Building a stronger local economy and stepping away from imported fuels. This will make us less dependent on other nations and will provide a source of affordable energy.

Are Pesticides actually inside our produce?

Some food strategies to go non toxic involve just avoiding the skin of a conventionally grown food, instead of buying organic. Not eating the skin of produce may not be enough anymore. Farmers have recently showed more interest into what “systemic” pesticides mean and the findings are quite alarming. The systemic pesticide method doesn’t only keep the outside of the plant distasteful to pests, but the part we eat as well. And unfortunately, this systemic pesticide method has exploded in the last several years. These pesticides tend to linger for months, even years, spoiling the environment they come across. Essentially ruining natural ecosystems. There is no official evidence of the long-term affect of these pesticides. The safest bet is to buy organic.

Dayton, OH Signs Bill Banning Toxic Flame Retardants to help save lives

Dayton has passed a bill banning four flame retardant chemicals that are found in furniture and children’s products. This bill will help fire fighters be exposed to less carcinogens. Rep. Bill Howe has seen many fellow fire-fighters diagnosed and losing their lives to cancer due to prolonged exposure to these flame retardants. They are confident that this bill will keep fire-fighters fighting longer. Not to mention give them more time to reach the fire before it gets out of hand. In the next few years, they will focus on getting rid of known carcinogens and replacing them with safer chemicals that don’t burn as fast. That’s as non toxic as it gets!

Hundreds of solar powered Street carts to hit the NY Streets this summer

NYC is another city that is about to get a little more non toxic and sustainable in the near future. They are releasing 500 energy efficient street carts to test this summer. Their are about 8,000 vendors in the city on any given day. The carts are equipped with solar powered panels, hybrid technology, rechargeable batteries and alternative fuel outlets. They are projected to reduce climate changing gases by 60% and smog causing pollution by 95%. Go NYC!

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Non Toxic Round Up Week of May 11-15: Food Revolution Day, How to help the bees, CA Ditches BPA & More!


Happy Friday! Welcome to your weekly non toxic news round-up. If you missed any big announcements, fun campaigns, or need-to-know articles we’ve got you covered. Being in the non toxic know can help you start your own non toxic revolution at home.

California puts toxic BPA on the Prop 65 list of unsafe chemicals

The California scientific advisory committee finally throws down the hammer on bisphenol A, or BPA. This week, BPA was officially added to the Prop 65 list of unsafe chemicals that companies now have to list on their products. BPA is a chemical that many people are exposed to every day, mostly in canned foods and on paper receipts. According to EWG, this will most likely deter companies from including BPA in their products. It will eventually force those who continue to use the chemical to include a warning label on their product. This is a huge step in the right non toxic direction!

Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution Day is today!

Chef and food activist, Jaime Oliver, is asking everyone to sign and share his petition for better food education in schools. Jaime created Food Revolution Day to spread awareness about the lack of food education for children. Worldwide, 42 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese. Raise your hand if you want fun and engaging food knowledge to be a part of a new kind of school curriculums! The non toxic kind.

Lowes Phases Out Toxic Phthalates in Flooring to build non toxic homes

Last week we were happy to announce that Home Depot decided to eliminate Phthalates from their flooring. This week, we are even more excited to share the the second largest DIY home store, Lowe’s, has decided to make the same commitment. Phthalates have been linked to reproductive disorders, asthma and hinders brain development and the immune system. High five Home Depot & Lowe’s!

The House of Representatives Get Closer to Better Toxic Substance Regulations

The Toxic Substances Control Act is 4o years years old and has seen no reform, until today. The House has released a revised draft of the TSCA. Although, the new draft is no where near where it needs to be to protect us the way it should, it is an improvement. The new draft is taking a little pressure of state legislatures to create their own chemical regulation and putting that responsibility on the EPA once again. The progress some state’s have already made will not be rolled back. Also, the hurdle that was preventing the EPA from assessing chemicals has been removed. We aren’t there yet, but this is a huge step to safer chemicals for everyone.

2014 was the worst year for bees, but we can help

2014 was the worst year for bees so far. Their population has been rapidly decreasing and this is important for humans. Not only do bees give us honey and wax, but they pollinate plants that account for a quarter of food consumed by Americans. According to a new federal study, bee keepers saw a 42% loss last year of their bee population. This problem is not just in domestic bees, but also in wild bees. Possibly catching disease from domestic bees or pesticides. But we can help, check out these five ways to help bees and grow your own bee friendly garden!

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Chipotle Goes GMO-Free, Kraft ditches dye and More Non Toxic News!

the human experiment Sean Penn

May is here, but April isn’t yet forgotten. Some great non toxic victories happened in April, so sit back and relax while we give you the run down!

Kraft Macaroni and cheese loses it’s signature yellow color

But for a good reason. Due to some awesome grassroots demand and a solid petition, Kraft is removing the artificial food dyes from it’s boxed favorite! Thanks to many parents writing letters to craft, kids in the U.S. will get the safer version of this product that Europe has enjoyed for years.

Chipotle goes completely GMO-free!

It may be no surprise, but it’s still awesome. Chipotle is one of the only fast food chains that have made a commitment giving their customers food with quality ingredients. They also have one of the most popular vegan options in the fast food world and if they can’t find meat from humane sources, they will temporarily take it off the menu. They announced all of their GMO ingredients in 2013 and vowed to remove them, and unlike many companies, they kept that promise.

A man creates a paper coffee cup that can turn into a tree

The idea sparked while he traveled to South Africa and Central America seeing the negative impact of our growing waste. Alex was studying landscape architecture at Cal Poly and decided that his senior project was going to be to find away to turn trash into plants. What he created is a beautiful paper cup with indigenous plant seeds within its walls.

Home Depot phases out hormone disrupting Phthalates in Vinyl Flooring by the end of the year!

Home Depot is the largest do-it-yourself home retailer and they are setting the bar for other DIY home stores. We often think of toxins in food and personal care, but don’t stop to think about the chemicals emitted from our floors and furniture. Phthalates are considered very hazardous and were banned from many children’s toys in 2009. Thank you, Home Depot!

Sean Penn narrates and produces a documentary for toxic chemical awareness

The film addresses the increased cases of cancer, reproductive issues and birth defects that have sky rocketed in the last 20 years. Posing the question, why is this happening? Asking for transparency in the personal care industry and demanding that we don’t wait for more cases of cancer to do something about it.

Let’s make May another awesome month for non toxic living!

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